Non-update (6.4.2024)

Apt-rpm is not being brought back to life, but links have now been restored from the move back under domain, for aspiring software archeologists.

Development version 0.5.15lorg3.94 released (11.01.2008)

Development version 0.5.15lorg3.93 released (23.08.2007)

Development version 0.5.15lorg3.92 released (08.07.2007)

Development version 0.5.15lorg3.91 released (16.06.2007)

Known regressions in 0.5.15lorg3.91:

APT-RPM development switches from Subversion to GIT (25.02.2007)

In short, APT-RPM development now happens in GIT repository instead of SVN. See the download section for the access information. For the inevitable questions as to why, here's the short summary:

Kernel VM bug causing apt cache corruption (15.01.2007)

There's a bug in some recent kernel versions ( - 2.6.19 or thereabouts) causing corruption in apt's package cache. It causes apt to crash with segmentation fault in some circumstances, on some systems this happens more often than on others due to different memory usage patterns. More details about the bug can be found in this LWN article. The fix is to upgrade (or downgrade) you kernel to unaffected version, or if that's not possible for whatever reason there's a bandaid patch that helps avoiding crashing attached in this bug report.

Development version 0.5.15lorg3.90 released (07.09.2006)

Stable version 0.5.15lorg3.2 released (22.06.2006)

Stable version 0.5.15lorg3.1 released (22.05.2006)

APT-RPM moves again (04.05.2006)

APT-RPM now has it's own second level domain, kindly donated by NetNix!

Yes, the timing is a bit inconvenient as the dust had barely landed from the previous move. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, the previous address will redirect to the new site as long as needed. Oh and no more home page moves after this, and that's a promise... ;)

Stable version 0.5.15lorg3 released (22.04.2006)

Stable version 0.5.15lorg2 released (06.02.2006)

Stable version 0.5.15lorg1 released (31.01.2006)

Information about old cnc releases can be found on the archived old APT-RPM site.

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