APT-RPM is a port of Debian's APT tools to a RPM based distribution (Conectiva, Red Hat, SuSE, ALT-Linux, etc). APT is an advanced package management utility front-end which allows you to easily perform package installation, upgrading and removal. Dependencies are automatically handled, so if you try to install a package that needs others to be installed, it will download all needed packages and install them.


Conectiva Inc. For originally funding and idealizing the project.
Gustavo Niemeyer Longtime maintainer of APT-RPM.
Alfredo Kojima For developing the first port of APT to RPM.
Jason Gunthorpe For his patience and help whenever needed.
Andreas Hasenack For security consulting.
Claudio Matsuoka For miscelaneous consulting.
Ruda Moura For packaging consulting.
Alexander Bokovoy For miscelaneous patches.
Austin Murphy For solaris portability fixes.
Flávio Leitner For the post-install cleaning patches.
Ralf Corsepius For debugging, fixes, cleanups and help with auto*tools.
Enrico Scholz For RPM 4.1 and GCC 3.1 patches and tests.
Richard Bos For debugging and general efforts.
Stelian Pop For minor fixes for GCC 3.1.
Dave Cridlane For minor fixes for RPM 4.1.
Sven Hoexter For debugging and general efforts.
Matthew Miller For debugging and general efforts.
ALT Linux (Anton Kachalov, Anton V. Denisov, Dmitry V. Levin, Ivan Zakharyaschev, Sviatoslav Sviridov) For miscellaneous patches.
Diogo Niemeyer For our current logo.
Panu Matilainen Longtime maintainer of APT-RPM.

Last updated 06.04.2024